The Way You Love Me

The way you love me is understated. It’s silent, rarely spoken, never hidden but likewise never flaunted. It’s buying sriracha and not gagging when I liberally douse everything I eat with it, and only laughing a little when I eat too much and my stomach hurts. It’s playfully teasing me about my veganism but sending back my veggie burger with cheese when I’m too shy to bug the waiter.

The way you love me is under the blankets, my cold feet pressed up against whatever warm body part I can find. You’ve never complained about it – not once, not even when I wore ridiculously cute shoes that were incredibly inappropriate for the weather and lamented my frozen toes for hours afterward. It’s pushing me to the far side of the bed even though we both know we’ll wake up pressed together with limbs entangled.

The way you love me is a quick fix of my skirt’s hem when I didn’t even notice it was tucked. It’s your eyes scanning me over, drinking me in, and the appreciative “you look great” that I would doubt coming from anyone other than you. It’s taking so damn long in the shower that I eventually give up and just hop in with you. Once I do, it’s in your expression watching me scrub myself – such a mundane action, but your shy half-smile makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.

The way you love me is a lazy Saturday with no kids and no pants and a marathon of classic movies we’ve never seen. Steve Martin is running around as The Jerk and your head is on my chest and everything in the world seems to stand still. The movie ends and I notice how regular and even your breathing is, and I feel so blessed to have this moment – this little flash of perfection.

The way you love me isn’t loud. It isn’t flashy and those who don’t know you would completely miss its existence. But to me, the shine in your eyes is as unmistakable as the sun; it’s always there, even when I’m not looking for it.


First Date

Sitting in your car by the ocean
You were so nervous
And you burnt your mouth on peppermint tea in an attempt to be smooth.
We laughed till we cried and I couldn’t remember
The last time I had felt so at ease.

I couldn’t stop my gaze from resting
On your beautifully imperfect incisors
Framed by rotund lips of velvet, I yearned to feel
Your breath on my cheek.

Your abrupt departure shook me
Until your clarifying text
“I’m getting sick – that’s why I left.
I would like to see you again.”

And when I woke the next day to see
The rose you picked, sitting on my dresser
I couldn’t help but smile.

© T. Kalau 2013

Little Moment #1 – These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

It’s funny to see how, sometimes, the smallest things can make a world of difference.

This week has been hellish. Work has been toxic, my childcare situation is up in the air, and money’s a little tight. I was not looking forward to working when I woke up (late, of course!) this morning.

Then, everything changed.

See, I bought a pair of boots a few weeks ago. I’d wanted a pair of cowboy-style boots for years, but never found any that were within my budget. During a random browse, I ran across THE boots. Oh, wait, what’s that, a clearance tag? Fantastic! Wait, $9? Really? Maybe I should peel that tag back a little and see what the original price is… $90? That was it. I was sold.

Unfortunately, with the wet weather lately, I hadn’t got a chance to try them out. Then, this morning, I noticed sun filtering in through the curtains. Fantastic – an opportunity to wear the boots!

Not only do they look amazing, but they FEEL amazing. My job requires me to be on my feet for the majority of my shift, and I feel like I’m wearing sneakers. They’re cute, they’re comfy, thy cost me next to nothing – what a mood boost!

Two Lips Boots, thank you for making my world a little brighter today.