It's About Time

It’s been months since I actually took a few minutes to blog, so here’s a brief timeline of 2012, since my last post:

April :: gave up on giving up on Boy. We started texting. Found out a good friend’s brother was secretly in love with me.

May :: went on a date-type thing with Boy. Stayed up all night talking to him. Kissed him. Got epically blown off.

June :: met a new Boy. He let me drive his brand new truck less than an hour after meeting him. We became inseperable. Baby girl graduated kindergarten. New Boy and I went on a date. Spent two Fridays in a row talking till 5am. Had our first kiss. I got drunk and tried to seduce him. He insisted on sober consent. I confessed my rape to him. He held me and let me cry and never once blamed me. I started to fall for him.

July :: Boy met kiddo. Boy and i became official. I turned 27. Boy turned 34. Boy met my parents, brother and grandma.

August :: random summer fun with kiddo, BFF and BF. I don’t definitively remember any of August.

September :: BF and I survived the first fight. I ran my first 6k, as a fundraiser for the women’s shelter. Kiddo started grade one. I survived my rapist coming back to work. I realised I’m in love with boyfriend.

October :: life continued along well. Boyfriend and kiddo and boyfriend’s kiddo are all fantastic.

Life is so good right now.


Little Moment #1 – These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

It’s funny to see how, sometimes, the smallest things can make a world of difference.

This week has been hellish. Work has been toxic, my childcare situation is up in the air, and money’s a little tight. I was not looking forward to working when I woke up (late, of course!) this morning.

Then, everything changed.

See, I bought a pair of boots a few weeks ago. I’d wanted a pair of cowboy-style boots for years, but never found any that were within my budget. During a random browse, I ran across THE boots. Oh, wait, what’s that, a clearance tag? Fantastic! Wait, $9? Really? Maybe I should peel that tag back a little and see what the original price is… $90? That was it. I was sold.

Unfortunately, with the wet weather lately, I hadn’t got a chance to try them out. Then, this morning, I noticed sun filtering in through the curtains. Fantastic – an opportunity to wear the boots!

Not only do they look amazing, but they FEEL amazing. My job requires me to be on my feet for the majority of my shift, and I feel like I’m wearing sneakers. They’re cute, they’re comfy, thy cost me next to nothing – what a mood boost!

Two Lips Boots, thank you for making my world a little brighter today.