First Date

Sitting in your car by the ocean
You were so nervous
And you burnt your mouth on peppermint tea in an attempt to be smooth.
We laughed till we cried and I couldn’t remember
The last time I had felt so at ease.

I couldn’t stop my gaze from resting
On your beautifully imperfect incisors
Framed by rotund lips of velvet, I yearned to feel
Your breath on my cheek.

Your abrupt departure shook me
Until your clarifying text
“I’m getting sick – that’s why I left.
I would like to see you again.”

And when I woke the next day to see
The rose you picked, sitting on my dresser
I couldn’t help but smile.

© T. Kalau 2013


Hello, Goodbye.

Starting a new blog is awkward.

It’s sort of like a blind date. You’re not sure why exactly you got talked into this predicament, or how it’s going to go. You’re sort of nervous that it’ll be a complete flop, yet excited about the potential the experience holds. (What if this is ‘it’?) You’re afraid that you’ll chew with your mouth open, or tell lame jokes and the other party will yawn, check their watch, fake food poisoning and then never call you.

So, hi. I’m T. I chew with my mouth closed, I shower regularly, and I find myself fantastically humourous. I like the colour pink, Hello Kitty and fuzzy socks. I’m addicted to chocolate, and I sometimes bite my nails. I have no tolerance for drama and immaturity. I don’t smoke and rarely drink, but I do appreciate a fine wine from time to time. My daughter is the center of my world. She is my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. I’m an AP mama, and yes, that does mean that she ends up sleeping in my bed more often than not. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So yeah. That’s me. Before you check your watch, I’ll just take my leave. You know how to reach me if you’re interested in round 2.