Sanity Is A Full-Time Job

It finally happened. The Bad Religion concert/girls weekend I’ve been pumped for for months.

Bestie and I got up super-early Saturday morning. Coffee was a must.

We drove to the ferry and set sail away from beautiful Vancouver Island.

We got to Vancouver early, so we did some shopping, had lunch with friends and checked out the venue.

Then it was time to check into our hotel room. We had a beautiful suite on the 31st floor.

The view was amazing!!!

Pretty soon, it was time to go to the show. We saw all sorts of interesting places and sights along the way

When we got to the venue, we had to wait in line for quite awhile…

But getting a spot right at the front was worth it, especially with Polar Bear Club as an opener!

The Bronx was a band neither of us had heard of before, but they sounded fantastic.

Then it was time for Bad Religion and some serious moshing!

I may have gotten a few injuries.

Our view was just as pretty when we got home at 1am.

After a brief sleep, it was time for more coffee (with misspelled names),

some exploration of downtown,

and a fabulous vegan lunch!

Before we knew it, it was time to catch the ferry home.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend!


A Somewhat Update

I’m feeling a lot like a grown-up right now.

I just met with my financial advisor, diversified my investments, and got approved for a fairly sizable mortgage. On Wednesday, I’m going to do walk-throughs on a couple houses I’m interested in. I just filed my taxes, and thanks to the donations and RRSP contributions I made last year, I got enough back to guarantee that I will be able to completely pay for my daughter’s schooling next year without my parents chipping in.

This is so… foreign. I’m used to struggling. I’m used to scrimping and saving and barely getting by. It feels fantastic to finally be on my feet.

It also feels fantastic to know that at this time tomorrow, I’ll be arriving in Vancouver for the start of a super-awesome girls’ weekend with my BFF. Shopping, fancy vegan noms, a ritzy hotel, coffee with a friend I haven’t seen in ten years, and seeing one of my favourite bands ever… it’s going to be amazing.

I really thought I had more to say than this, but I guess not.  Nerd joke? Nerd joke.