10 Day Photo Challenge – Days Two Through Five

Life got a little crazy this week, so I’m behind. As per usual. Hopefully after catching up today, I’ll be able to stay caught up!

Day Two: A Photo of Yourself a Year Ago

Day Three: A Photo of Someone You Love




Day Four: A Photo That Makes You Happy


What’s not to love about BBT?


Day Five: A Photo of You Making a Funny Face


Messing around with the BFF!



Change Is Constant

Things change over time.

Sometimes, it’s for the better. Actually, I’d venture to say that MOST times it’s for the better. Circumstances that seem less than ideal are often the ones the promote the most growth, the most insight into ones’ true self and the most happiness in the long run.

At the risk of being incredibly vague, I’m at a crossroads in my life and I’m figuring out which path is the right one for me. It’s a little scary and little exciting. However, I believe in things happening for a reason. Every experience takes us closer to where our journey is meant to lead.

So in the spirit of a possible new beginning, here’s a new title, a new layout, and (hopefully) a new outlook.