10 Day Photo Challenge – Day Ten

Yeah, I’m really behind (for reasons to be outlined in the next post) but now this damn thing will be done and I won’t have to worry about how I’m forgetting to do it anymore.

Day Ten: A Photo That Makes you Laugh


I love TBBT and Grumpy Cat!


10 Day Photo Challenge – Days Six Through Eight

… I’m kind of not doing this right. But in my defense, life is CRAZY right now!

Day Six: A Photo of Your Former Crush

That would be my ex.

Day Seven: A Photo of You and Your Best Friends

Already posted a pic with one of my BFFs, so here’s the other and I just before seeing Rise Against!

Day Eight:Your Most Recent Photo of You

10 Day Photo Challenge – Days Two Through Five

Life got a little crazy this week, so I’m behind. As per usual. Hopefully after catching up today, I’ll be able to stay caught up!

Day Two: A Photo of Yourself a Year Ago

Day Three: A Photo of Someone You Love




Day Four: A Photo That Makes You Happy


What’s not to love about BBT?


Day Five: A Photo of You Making a Funny Face


Messing around with the BFF!