About Me


30-something. Mama (27/01/06). Step-Mama. Feminist. Vegan. Sex-Positive. ISFJ.
Ravenclaw. GAD, Depression & PTSD. Pro-Choice. Survivor. Fighter.
Unapologetic nerd. Jedi knight. Punker. Body-Positive. Runner. Typical Cancer.
Head over heels (19/07/13). Compulsively organized. Spelling aficionado.  DIY addict. Bookworm. Domestic goddess. Talkative. Awkward. Creative. Metalhead.

Things I Love:

The colour pink. Hockey. Coconut Bliss. Sunrise. Pigs. Handwritten letters. Bullet Journaling. Tea. Loud music. Kurt Vonnegut novels. Superhero movies, even the bad ones. Full body hugs. Late-night drives. Tattoos. Coffee-flavoured anything. Catseye glasses. Cross stitch. Kevin Smith movies. Not wearing pants. Red lipstick. Spoken word. Thrift stores. Post-Its. Lilies. Cats. Cuddling. Facial hair. Poetry. Mosh pits. Crinolines. Wonder Woman. Forehead kisses. Documentaries. Instagram. Yoga. Vintage fashion.



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